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Welcome to the PVP specific site for <Ten Man> Echo Isles. 

Most of you are probably already members of the guild and therefore know me, Isomer. I'm the admin for this site so any questions should be directed my way.

We're working on establishing a successful rated battleground team which will hopefully start almost immediately after I get back on the game. Preparations are being made now however and I would love your imput on the forums as well as participation on this site (time permitting).

For anyone directed here from a recruitment message, we are looking for skilled players to augment our current guild-wide interest in rated battlegrounds. Our endgame is to achieve a moderate amount of success with as little stress as possible. What this looks like in my opinion is a casual, maybe 2 or 3 day/week RBG schedule with 12-13 people on the roster so that attendance is not strictly mandatory, but definately highly encouraged as learning happens as a group and poor attendance will cause individuals to fall behind our communal learning curve.

Enough chit-chat. The main reason for this dedicated guildsite is so I can share a lot of the information on RBG strategies and general pvp know-how with you in large quantities on the forums. A roster is also in the works and we will begin open recruiting after another few weeks; so if you're already a member of <ten man> and would like a spot saved for you, please post on the forums, otherwise your spot is open to new people and your spot will be filled regardless of guild ranking.
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Roster spots running out!!!

Isoquelyn, Oct 18, 11 12:14 PM.
Thanks to the awesome and immediate interest of about 8 people from our guild so far, the roster is looking like it WILL be filled without any major recruitment needs.

Although 8 people have registered on this site, you need to POST on the ROSTER FORUMS so that i can see what character/spec you plan on playing and how that will effect the people i DO have to recruit.



RATED Battlegrounds Starting Soon!

Isoquelyn, Oct 17, 11 6:21 PM.
So the officers have been discussing our entry into organized pvp as a guild lately and we've agreed to put our best efforts into forming a successful "core" rated battleground team consisting of 12-13 members. In order to be considered for this team you must fulfill the following criteria:

3500 minimum resilience with double resil trinkets.
At least some experience in pvp in general whether regular bg's or arena.
A positive attitude and an ability to lose gracefully and learn from your personal mistakes.
An aptitude for staying on the group's learning curve as we progress into higher ratings.

I also ask for understanding from every member when officers have to make decisions about who will come on what days. Obviously consistency will be rewarded but at the end of the day we wan't the people who increase our likelyhood of winning in the group.

As always with <Ten Man> our greatest effort will be in maintaining our casual atmosphere without sacrificing the performance necessary to have fun and win a few games.

I hope we spark a guild-wide interest, and you all are interested in fighting for our guild colors in a competitive environment!

Please see the "Forums" tab at the top of the page to view topics relevant to battleground success and to put your name on the roster.

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

Isoquelyn, Oct 17, 11 3:51 PM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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